Education Appeal

Our generous donors are the heart of Sunrise, and we truly appreciate their help.


The devastating effects of Pol Pot’s genocide is still widely felt throughout Cambodia. The brutal communist regime claimed the lives of millions of innocent people and drove the nation into a brink of despair.

The loss of an entire generation triggered a downward spiral of widespread poverty – a crisis countered with optimism and our desire to make a difference.

Sunrise Cambodia has implemented a dynamic approach to help break the poverty cycle. Focusing on quality education and training, our work encourages children to empower themselves and become a force for change and development in Cambodia.


Education is a vital part of a child’s development, and the opportunity to learn is every Khmer child’s wish. The drive to improve their lives and rebuild their community through education is uplifting.

It’s what compels us to continue the work that we do.

We need all the support you can give.

What Does Your Generosity Do?

•   $15 buys one school uniform

•   $75 buys school supplies

•   $500 covers a child’s school education for one year

•   $8,000 will build or renovate a classroom in the Sunrise Learning Centre

Please give $500 to send a child to school for one year

Sunrise also offers an instalment option:

Just $50 a month for 12 months gives the life-changing gift of educating a child for one year