Grace, the superstar fundraiser

Grace is 10 years old. She heard her Mum and Mum’s friends talking about the kids they sponsor at Sunrise. She was so moved by the stories she heard about kids just like her but in completely different situations – she just had to do something.

With pocket money that she had saved up over months, she went and bought materials for decorations. She made dozens and sold them for $2 each, making a whopping $310 for Sunrise (That’s 155 decorations!). Next, Grace entered a competition at her school to come up with a fundraising idea. There were 20 other ideas and Grace’s won! Together with her friends, she began to organise a bake sale for Sunrise.

Her, her friends Ginger, Cassie and Elena made promotional posters to let the other kids at the school know about Sunrise Cambodia, the bake sale, and how they were hoping to help kids and families in Cambodia.¬†They baked all weekend with Grace’s mum, baking¬†cupcakes, mini pavlovas, M & M biscuits, chocolate brownies, chocolate crackles, honey joys and jam biscuits. The bake sale was a roaring success and raised another $320 for Sunrise – enough to buy school shoes for 32 school kids in Cambodia. You’re amazing, Grace!