Meet Niki the Brickie


He’s a bricklayer from Queensland. He watched Geraldine’s Australian Story episode earlier this year and was so moved that he wanted to do something to help. Niki wrote a letter to each and every trade licensed bricklayer in Queensland to rally their support for the poorest of the poor in Cambodia, the Sunrise kids.

Niki tells us that bricklayers are a strange lot, with a sense of pride in their craft. He said that a number of the brickies he knew missed their opportunity for an education, with varying degrees of regret for it, and that in Queensland they were in high demand, a fortunate position to be in. So Niki cooked up the 100 Bricks Campaign.

He wrote a powerful, honest and sensitive letter to the bricklayers of Queensland. He addressed each one personally and hand wrote the envelopes. With the help of his youngest daughter Taylah they typed, printed, signed, folded, stamped and posted 2533 letters. He asked each bricklayer to lay 100 bricks and donate $100 to Sunrise Cambodia.

In the few months that Niki was doing this we got to know him a little through our weekly correspondence, he would write what he called “long winded spiels”, but to the Sunrise crew, they were inspiring words from a man who wanted nothing more than to create opportunity for young children who had so little. Niki’s letters are still bringing in a steady response.

Have you got a winning idea like Niki’s? Do you have access to a unique community that you can rally for support? We would love to hear from you.