Milly and Lilli Sold Their Trash for Treasure

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Milly has been a philanthropist since kindergarten. Every year, one of her Christmas presents is a donation to a charity to buy school books and supplies so that kids in developing countries can have an education too. 

At age 11, Milly decided to have an even bigger impact. She came up with the idea to hold a fundraiser after seeing a Sunrise Cambodia advertisement on TV. Milly had loads of toys from her childhood that she no longer played with anymore. She 

Without asking Mum, Milly struck out alone and wrote a letter to the principal at her primary school to ask if she could hold a second hand toy stall at her school’s fete to raise funds for Sunrise Cambodia.  Milly then broke the news to mum about the stall and with the help of her school friend Lilli went about organising their fundraiser. 

The girls rose to the challenge, loved working behind the counter selling toys at their stall and proudly raised $440 – enough to build a well and provide a whole community with fresh, clean water.

Milly is already thinking of her next fundraising event – a popcorn stall, a fairy floss stall, the list is endless …