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InDaily – New rays of sunrise for traumatised Cambodia,  12 October, 2016

Nigel Hopkins reports for InDaily on how Geraldine Cox’s legacy is being expanded to build communities across that impoverished, traumatised country, with plenty of help from South Australians. Read more here.

Champagne Cartel – Women who are changing the world for a living, 6 September, 2016

Lucy Perry sat down with Leila Stennett from RESULTS International, Bianca Wordley from Oxfam and Allison Hallworth from Champagne Cartel to talk about changing the world for a living. Read more here.

ABC Overnights with Trevor Chappell, 12 May 2016

Trevor Chappell and Lucy Perry talk Sunrise Cambodia on ABC Overnights

Women’s Agenda – How pragmatism helps one CEO smash gender barriers, 3 May 2016

Lucy Perry talks smashing gender barriers in a Women’s Agenda speaker’s profile in the lead up to the annual She Leads Conference. Read the full article here.

Sydney Morning Herald – Male speakers boycott all-male panels to protest lack of female representation, 1 May 2016

Lucy Perry weighs in on gender diversity on speaking panels and moving away from ‘dude-fests’. Click here for the full story.

ABC 891 Adelaide – Interview with Lucy Perry

Lucy Perry spoke to Ali Clarke about the challenges and inspirations that consume a CEO for a wold-class charity.


The Daily Edition on Channel 7 – Geraldine Cox is a real life hero with a heart to match

Cambodia’s ‘Big Mum’ speaks to Tom and Sally about her life’s passion helping orphans and underprivileged children, and how you can support the charity ‘Sunrise Children’s Villages’.

SA Life – Sunrise: A New Dawn, February 2016

Twenty years after taking on her first orphanage, Geraldine Cox is handing over the reins of her Australia Cambodia Foundation as it enters its next phase, with the support of many here in SA. Contact SA Life for information on your nearest stockist.

Her Drum – Lucy Perry: CEO of Sunrise Cambodia and social meteorite, October 2015

The fundraising dynamo with pink her will set her sights and skills to Sunrise Cambodia in 2015. Read about it here. 

Canberra Times – Cambodian orphans to benefit from fundraising might, October 2015

Two women known for their trademark hairstyles as well as their dedication to do good in the world have joined forces to house and educate some of Cambodia’s most at-risk children. Click here for the full story on Lucy Perry’s appointment as CEO of Sunrise Cambodia.

Lucy Perry appointed as CEO of Sunrise Cambodia

Australian Story – Big Mum, August 2015

When Geraldine Cox first arrived in Cambodia in 1970 she was a fun-loving twenty-five year old with no idea of the role the country would play in her future. Many years later Geraldine Cox returned to the place that had made such a big impression and founded three orphanages. Today she also oversees a network of non-residential centres, community-based education and other welfare enterprises. Watch the program here.

The Adelaide Advertiser – Kevin Tutt: Prince Alfred College Headmaster quits for Cambodian Children’s Fund teaching position, 2013

He was in charge of one of South Australia’s elite private schools and quit to help Cambodia’s vulnerable. Now he’s our Board Chair. Click here for the full story from 2013.

The Age – Mamma Khmer, 2003

Reporter, Claire Halliday visited one of our Cambodian centres and spoke with Geraldine Cox about what keeps her, and her mission, going. Click here for the full story.


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