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Sunrise Kampong Speu has an integrated approach to sustainable education practices in the classroom whilst cultivating the sports stars of the future. It’s a well-rounded approach to effective community development that has a lasting impact.

Education and sport go hand in hand at Kampong Speu
Soccer shoes lines up at the door

Working with the surrounding local communities and public school, the Kampong Speu center focuses on a wholesome approach to education and advancement: providing free education to up to 600 students from the local area and mentoring local teachers and families about the importance of education for their kid’s futures. In many villages across Cambodia, kids as young as 10 or 12 are pulled out of school to earn a living by parents who are desperate to make ends meet. While it might provide some much needed extra dollars during harvest season, it does not give families a sustainable future. It’s ongoing education and skills that will set these kids and their families up for life. Mentoring the community about the long-term effects of children’s education is a crucial part of the Sunrise crew’s involvement in Kampong Speu.

With support from families and community’s leaders, the school-aged kids in the Kampong Speu catchment area are given the opportunity to undertake extra-curricular classes in Khmer, English and mathematics through the Sunrise program. Outside the classroom, it’s the world-class sporting facilities, coaching and opportunities Sunrise offers that gets kids turning up to school every single day.

Participation in sport has a huge impact on attendance at school and it’s one of the reasons why Kampong Speu is such a success. The Sunrise Soccer Academy is the flagship program at the centre. More than 700 kids attend, including 70 of the best soccer players in Cambodia! Two girls from this community have already been selected to play for Cambodia’s under 16 women’s soccer team and there’s plenty more talent where that came from.

Sunrise Soccer Academy: home of championsThese two stars were recently selected to play in the Cambodian U16 women's soccer team.

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