Supporting the community of Mondul Bai

Sunrise New Hope is the newest Sunrise project. The Sunrise New Hope team work to give free education and medical care to the people of Mondul Bai, one of the most impoverished communities in Cambodia. The project began as a stand-alone NGO in 2007 when Soth Kemsour, an ex-Buddhist monk bought land in Mondul Bai. He saw a community that was torn apart by the deaths of men from military service, the scourge of disease that claimed mothers and fathers and severe, debilitating poverty and malnutrition. He had to help.

Post-natal health care at Sunrise New Hope
Post-natal care in the Mondul Bai free health clinic
school at Sunrise New Hope
Hundreds of kids attend school for free at the New Hope project

Almost ten years later, in 2016, two of the biggest humanitarians in Cambodia, Soth Kemsour and Geraldine Cox AM, joined forces and New Hope became the newest Sunrise project. Between the two of them, they’re having a bigger impact than ever before.

Sunrise New Hope has grown to give classroom and vocational education to over 800 children and countless teenagers and adults. An onsite medical centre also delivers free healthcare to hundreds of sick villagers every month. New Hope training restaurant gives young adults practical, life-based skills to give them a jump-start in life – and serves up divine dishes to boot!

Soth Kemsour, founder of New Hope and Geraldine Cox

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