Legendary Australian humanitarian and Mum to Many, Geraldine Cox AM, is the founder of Sunrise Cambodia. She has personally impacted the lives of hundreds of children in Cambodia who have gone on to work in banking, management, agriculture, administration, social work, design, hospitality, tourism and architecture. If you are looking to tick the diversity box when engaging a speaker, then Geraldine Cox ticks them all.

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Geraldine takes her audience on a roller coaster ride of emotion and courage, inspiring them to make a difference in the world. Her areas of expertise include world changing leadership, child protection, health, education and diversity in the Cambodian context. She speaks on the contracts of the life of excess and glamour in the diplomatic and corporate sector to her life now living in the countryside of Cambodia caring for over 400 abandoned children. She also speaks with great poignancy on what she has learned from the people she has worked for.

Geraldine is the author of Home is Where the Heart Is, was the subject of the documentary My Khmer Heart, and has been featured on Australian Story, The Sunday Program, This Is Your Life, Four Corners, Today Tonight, the 7:30 Report, 60 Minutes, Talking Heads and the 7pm Project. She lives full time at Sunrise Cambodia’s centre near Phnom Penh.

Some of Geraldine’s accomplishments include:

  • Invited to serve as a member on the Humanitarian Affairs Global Advisory Board, 2014-2016.
  • Joined the board of Oasis Africa Australia in 2013.
  • Nominated by Ernst & Young for the South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012
  • In 2012, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia awarded Geraldine the Royal Order of Sahametrei Medal, the highest honour to be awarded to foreigners.
  • Recipient of the prestigious Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop Asialink Medal in 2011.
  • Finalist for the 2009 South Australian of the Year Award.
  • Australia Network, the ABC’s cable television channel screened in 41 countries, invited Geraldine to be one of their ambassadors, where she promotes the channel and its programs.
  • Named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Foundation in 2006.
  • Awarded the Circle of Courage Award in 2006 from Australian charity Youth Off the Streets.
  • Awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2000.
  • Bestowed with Cambodian Citizenship by royal decree in 1999 by King Norodom Sihanouk.

“The orphans of Cambodia have a good chance with a mother like her.” Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen, Phnom Penh

“Geraldine Cox has an extraordinary and important story to tell – and she tells it very well indeed.” Phillip Adams, ABC Journalist, Sydney

“In speaking for the Asia Society AustralAsia Centre in Melbourne, Geraldine Cox took us through the process of establishing Sunrise Cambodia, in a way that was frank, engaging and inspirational. By the end of her talk, there were few in the audience who did not want to get up and volunteer their services immediately in helping her secure the means needed to support her children. Geraldine is also able to place her activities in the context of the dynamic and changing political and social environments of Cambodia, offering a clearer understanding of a country that has experienced so much tragedy.” Prue Holstein, Executive Director, Asia Society AustralAsia Centre, Melbourne

“I have known Geraldine for more than 30 years. She has never taken the easy way out. She has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to endangered Cambodian children and energy levels to match. Her story is one of courage and heartbreak, of hard work and love.” Michael Mann, President, RMIT International University of Vietnam and Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh

“Geraldine uses a big heart and openness, combined with subtle tact, to cross borders between cultures, which many people do not even know exist.” Warren Reed, former ASIS Officer and author of ‘Code Cicada’, Sydney

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