Ben and Cyn

Ben and Cyn

First time Sunrise supporters Ben and Cyn made a very generous donation recently. We asked them how they came to hear about Sunrise’s work and what inspired their generosity. Here’s what Ben had to say.

I saw the 60 Minutes report on Geraldine a while ago and thought to myself, “This woman is about 100 times better a human being than I am! We should help her out.” My wife and I have been dual US/Australian citizens since 1994, but as of 5 April, we became ‘just Aussies!’ It seemed appropriate to do something for a great Aussie like Geraldine.

We’d also just returned from a holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia. It was a rather poignant visit; I would have been on my way to Vietnam as a representative of the US Military had I not been a university student and granted a “2-S” deferment. I was SO lucky. I’ve always thought the war was a “particularly stupid war” and visiting Vietnam and Cambodia simply reinforced that view. I hold the USA responsible for the emergence of Pol Pot. So many people died so needlessly. It’s just so tremendously sad, and yet our visit to Vietnam and Cambodia was wonderful, the people are great and it was obvious that they are getting on with their lives and, hopefully, headed towards a peaceful and prosperous future. If anyone deserves it, they do. Thanks Ben and Cyn. #legends

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