Bike2School Donation

The sound of bike bells rang out for miles last week when Sunrise Founder and Country President Geraldine Cox presented children from Iroha Primary School with nine new bicycles and tens of book packs for the students ahead of the new school this year.

Bike 2 School 3

Iroha Primary School is located about one kilometre from Sunrise in Toul Krosang village.

Sunrise has developed a partnership with Iroha Primary School and is working with its staff and the local community to help improve the quality of education and the attendance rates of students from the nearby villages.

As there is no free transport service in Phnom Penh and many families living below the poverty line can’t afford cars, tuk tuks or motos, our first initiative has been to establish a Bike2School program.

As part of Bike2School, children who live too far away from Iroha Primary School to walk are gifted a bicycle to ride to school each day.

Giving children the means to attend school is the first step in improving their access to education and ensuring every Cambodian child has the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a safe environment.

We would like to thank our generous donors who have helped to set up the Bike2School program.

Throughout 2015, Sunrise, in partnership with MGA Asia Insurance Brokers Co Ltd, ABC Group and Birdwood Primary School, will be working with Iroha Primary School to restore four dilapidated classrooms and repair its playground equipment.

The renovations will allow more than 200 impoverished Cambodian children from the Toul Krosang Village to attend school in a safe and welcoming environment.

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