Boss talk: the times they are a changing

Boss talk: the times they are a changing

Sunrise Cambodia is making significant strides forward in its mission to alleviate poverty and to transform the lives of children, families and communities in Cambodia.

Our commitment lies in four fundamental areas of support: education, health, community development and residential care. There will always be children in need of our short term and sometimes long term care: the trafficked, disabled, abandoned, HIV positive and special needs children.

Kevin Tutt on talking about Sunrise Cambodia

Increasingly we are engaged in community development projects in housing, water, sanitation, health and medical services, and hygiene education. Our impact is now greater than ever before as Sunrise is providing support that improves the lives of thousands of people in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampong Speu and Sihanoukville, the four provinces in which we work.

Current developments include the construction and operation of day care and early learning centres at Kandal, and at the Prek Ho rubbish tip near Takhmao. The rubbish tip community is the epitome of poverty in Cambodia with families scavenging anything recyclable from a stinking mess of human refuse. Our facility will allow the kids to learn, to be fed and washed, and to keep them off the dump.

Their parents and older siblings will also be supported with micro-business funding, business development and vocational training. Our Rebuild the Brains Trust program is a bold and exciting initiative in vocational training which will significantly improve the economic capacity of people trapped in the poverty cycle.

Kom Nor Thmor Village has benefited from our collaboration with the Village Chief and her committee. Sunrise, through its partnership with Global Village Housing, has constructed 11 homes and built a bridge to allow the kids to go to school and parents to seek work during the wet season, which sees the village isolated by flood waters. Sunrise has also provided three wells and water pumps, and opened its school doors to the children of the 70 families living in this very poor place.

At Kampong Speu hundreds of kids are benefiting from an improved education program, developments in health and hygiene and the sport academy. Our Under 13 and Under 16 Soccer teams, both girls and boys are provincial champions and three girls represent the national under 16 side. Kampong Speu is a significant project, not completely ours, but operated in partnership with the provincial government. This fulfils our purpose to have effective partnerships with local communities, other agencies and the Cambodian government.

Our staff in Siem Reap are embarking on new initiatives in social enterprise, vocational training and mentoring. Our training restaurant, Mday Thom (Big Mum) was opened in April. The coffee is good, the food excellent and our trainees give exemplary service. Please visit when you are in Siem Reap.

Our charitable work in Cambodia makes a big difference. The projects and programs are world-class, and our commitment to children, families and communities stands firm. To find out more about our commitment to Cambodian communities, read more here. 

Thank you for your loyal support.

Geraldine and Kevin

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