Boss talk

Boss talk

We are fortunate to have highly skilled, talented  and effective staff in both Sunrise Cambodia’s operations on the ground and in the fundraising team at The Australia Cambodia Foundation  in Australia which is the DGR registered charity for Sunrise Cambodia that monitors compliance.

Our experts at the helm – Yi Soksan as National Operations Director for Sunrise Cambodia in country and Lucy Perry as Chief Executive Officer of The Australia Cambodia Foundation  – are both great, progressive thinkers with enormous energy. Their leadership is seeing the right mix of action and process thinking, and the development of trust and connection between the two entities.

In this time of rapid change, it’s not enough to do new things. We have to think in new ways too.  Sunrise Cambodia is guided by its vision to transform lives and end the poverty cycle in Cambodia. The future is here, but we understand that it will take time to communicate to all our supporters that we are no longer an orphanage. We are making major inroads to education, health, community development and residential care.

Thank you for your support, care and commitment to Sunrise Cambodia. We can’t do it without you.

Kevin Tutt and Geraldine Cox

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