Child Sponsorship with Sinan

Child Sponsorship with Sinan

The newest addition to the Sunrise Dream Team, Sinan Sezen, spent a year volunteering for Sunrise in Cambodia. Now he’s joined the Sydney team as our Sponsorship Coordinator and we are thrilled to have him on board. Here Sin tells us how Sunrise’s child sponsorship program is moving forward.

There’s a lot happening in the new sponsorship program and I’m so excited to be leading it. I’m working hard to make sure our communication with you is better than ever and that you’re kept up-to-date and informed about the children you sponsor.

Some of you have been supporting Geraldine and the kids from the very beginning. The children you have come to know and love are now studying at university or leading successful careers. It’s an amazing feeling to see the child you’ve sponsored for years go through university or vocational training – that’s what we’ll continue to make happen.

Hundreds of children from villages all around Cambodia need our help and we’re working to find sponsors for each one. I’ve seen the ruined shacks that these children call home – they barely have access to clean water and adequate nutrition, and their parents can’t afford to send them to school. Together we will work with families and communities to repair their homes, build water pumps and provide good healthcare. How awesome is that!

Sponsoring kids in the community means their family and village also benefit so the impact is multiplied.

Be prepared for a new look sponsorship program and more news about the children and youth of Sunrise Cambodia over the next few months.

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