Community Housing

Community Housing

The Vichet family live below the poverty line. Until this year, their one-bedroom house was so old and worn that when it rained, water flooded through the roof, making the home uninhabitable for long periods of time. The Vichet’s became the first family from the Kom Nor Thmor village to benefit from Sunrise’s Community Housing Program.

Chet Family Home Before 3
A lot of Cambodian houses can’t stand up to the ferocity of Cambodian seasons

The Vichet family saved up $100 themselves and Sunrise partnered with supporters from Australia, Wendy and Mark Bennett, to help cover the costs of building the family a three bedroom home with a sturdy tin roof and toilet which can withstand all the weather Cambodian seasons throws at you.

The villages and slums near Sunrise, like that of Kom Nor Thmor where the Vichets live, are home to some of the poorest communities in Cambodia.For many of the parents who earn as little as $1.25 a day working in garment factories or labouring at the nearby construction sites, raising their children in a safe, hygienic and sturdy home is not financially possible.

Sunrise’s Community Housing Program is committed to increasing the standard of living and giving some of Cambodia’s most at-risk and disadvantaged families access to shelter, clean water and improved sanitation. Over the next 12 months Sunrise plans to raise the funds to build at least another 10 houses for families who do not have access to shelter.

The Vichet family home is the second community development project Sunrise has completed in partnership with the Kom Nor Thmor community. Earlier this year Sunrise installed two water pumps at either end of the village, which gave the residents access to clean drinking water for the first time in history. As the village does not have access to plumbing or sewerage, Sunrise plans to build a toilet block in the village later this year. The increased level of sanitation and hygiene will change the lives of many residents, especially children, who are prone to illnesses caused by bacteria and germs from unsanitary communal living areas.

For more information about how you can help build a house for a family like the Vichet family, see How you can help.

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