Ly Ky: A Community Outreach Program Story

Ly Ky: A Community Outreach Program Story

Ly Ky earns $1.25 a day washing clothes. As the primary income earner for her family, simply ensuring there is enough food to feed her two youngest children, 11-year-old Tong Oeun and 9-year-old Tong Tola, can be difficult.

The Sunrise team in Siem Reap were alerted to Ly Ky’s plight last year after learning that Oeun and Tola had stopped going to school when the family could no longer afford to pay for their school fees, uniform, lunch and books. Without an education, it would be Oeun and Tola washing clothes for $1.25 a day in a few years time.

Community Outreach Program helped Ly Ky's family build a new house

When Sunrise’s community outreach program case officers visited the family they learned that Ly Ky’s husband was unemployed. While Oeun and Tola’s two older brothers worked, their income was minimal.

Though Ly Ky and her family own the six metre by 10 metre block of land that their house is located on, as you can see from the picture, the house itself is very old.

The floor is weak, the columns and walls are sagging and the roof is not whole. When it rains, water seeps in to the house very quickly.

On their current income, the Ly family would never be able to afford to build a new house for their children. But with the help of Sunrise’s community outreach program, Sunrise case worker Chhoun Sreymom has put plans in motion to help fund the $950 needed to build a safe, secure and hygienic home, while giving Tola and Oeun the opportunity to study at Sunrise, free of charge.

After months of having limited food and lack of shelter, Tola and Oeun are watching on as their new house gets built.  Dressed in clean clothes each day, they come to school and enjoy learning with pride. They also attend extra activities at Sunrise such as computer classes and art classes. Their future is bright.

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