Dare to dream with project gen z

Dare to dream with project gen z

Sunrise has been lucky enough to host Dare to Dream workshops held by the crew at Project Gen Z for the second year. Twenty-five world class business people and entrepreneurs funded their own way to inspire and educate our youth in a week-long personal development and leadership workshop. Our students absolutely loved it!

The project was founded by Melbourne based entrepreneurs Liz Atkinson and Jesse Volpe. On the last day of the workshops the students took part in a real-life “Apprentice” challenge run by Andrew Morello – the first ever winner of Channel 9’s The Apprentice. The students set up a business with a small budget in Phnom Penh over just two days and they made more money than they ever thought was possible to make in a month, let alone one day. True, real-life inspiration!

Saran, pictured above with Andrew and Liz, won this year’s individual challenge. Her hard-work and motivation has earnt her a month-long internship trip to Australia to shadow some of the entrepreneurs from the trip. A life changing opportunity for her. Well done, Saran.

The Project Gen Z team don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Before running the workshops, they spent the year raising over $120,000 to fund crucial projects in Cambodia! #legends

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