development over welfare

development over welfare

Sunrise Cambodia is on a mission to move away from welfare and handouts. Any ‘welfare’ type programs are being changed to fit into the best standards of sustainable development. The Australian government does not allow allocation of tax deductible donations to specific individuals or families because they know it is short-term welfare and will not support it with a tax break.

Welfare is any service which keeps people dependent on support without a solid plan to get them out of the poverty cycle for good. It creates a reliance on the charity for support.  There must be a long term vision with a solid plan to get individuals and families out of poverty for good. With your help we are working towards that goal.

Everyone supported by Sunrise is on the same level, regardless of whether they are sponsored or not. They all have access to free education and health care. Crisis care for at-risk families is available on a needs basis after thorough assessment by social workers. This means equal opportunity for all.

Welfare fosters dependence. Sustainable development creates independence.

This is what community development is all about; to decrease dependency on support and lift people out of poverty. The staff at Sunrise Cambodia are equipped with a wealth of  knowledge and experience about the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and our fundraisers expertly handle funds to keep these much-needed projects running. Trust us. With your help, the Sunrise Cambodia crew are working to tackle the root causes of poverty in the country we all love.


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