Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

With your help Sunrise Cambodia has been giving new, insulated homes to poor families in rural Cambodia for years. Families like Samlain’s, pictured here, have had their living conditions transformed by this program.

Samlain lost both his legs many years ago. He and his wife care for their two grandchildren after their daughter ran away. That little shack pictured top right, that’s their old house. They were sleeping about a foot above the chickens and the dogs, with no insulation or sanitation.

Samlain approached Geraldine, told her his desperate situation and asked for help. We thought disabled access would be tricky until he showed us how he can get around by himself with care. A month later the house was up thanks to the local team. It’s a strong, steel framed two-storey home. It’s fully insulated with improved sanitation and enough room for all of them. The kids are also enrolled in the local Sunrise school.

We are committed to improving the standard of living of some of the most at-risk families in Cambodia. It costs $3,500 to fully fund a brand new home for one family in rural Cambodia. What an investment in a better life for Samlain and his family – a perfect example of how Sunrise is keeping families. Find out how you can help. 

Community development changes lives in Cambodia

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