Orkun (thank you) for your interest in fundraising for Sunrise Cambodia! Your support will go a long way to changing the lives of thousands of at risk kids and families in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Fundraising is a lot of fun and is an incredibly rewarding thing to do – if it’s not then you’re doing it wrong. Plus, the crew at Sunrise Cambodia is right behind you, ready to support you to make the most of your event or challenge and to enjoy the process. These guidelines should help you get on your way, but if you have any questions send us an email at hq@sunrisecambodia.org.au or call us on 1300 894 591. You’ve got this!


We’ll get the tough stuff out of the way first! As much as we would love to be closely involved in your event, Sunrise Cambodia has such a tiny fundraising team in Australia that we do not have the capacity to manage and monitor your every move. This means that we will not be able to give you a letter of authority to fundraise on our behalf. You will need to consider any permits, permissions or licenses that your state or territory and/or local council may require. In particular, please note:

  • If your event is connected with one or more states or territories, the legal requirements of each must be taken into account. Also, if your fundraising event is administered over the internet then the laws of all states and territories may apply.
  • There may be restrictions on children being involved in collecting funds.
  • Some councils may have local government requirements, e.g. for on street collections.
  • If you are planning a raffle, lottery, competition or similar gaming activity you will need to consider the gaming laws in your state or territory.
  • There are restrictions on the tax deductibility of donations associated with the supply of goods or services. Donations only occur where there is no exchange of money for items of value, these include charity auctions and ticketed events. Contact the ATO or visit their websiteto find out more.

You may also need to consider insurance and venue hire. Sunrise Cambodia cannot be responsible for any expenses incurred by you for running your event so please factor this into your planning.


We have a number of resources for you to use to promote your event and on the day, just let us know what you would like. They include brochures, copies of the latest newsletter and digital resources: images, Facebook banners and up-to-date video footage.

We do not give out our logo or a letterhead to independent fundraisers as we are unable to monitor its usage on a large scale. Instead, you can use our name in print to say that the proceeds will be going to Sunrise Cambodia (please note that we are no longer called Sunrise Children’s Villages). You can also include a link to our website to show people the work we do supporting kids, families and communities in Cambodia.


Your fundraiser is your gig, so generating publicity is in your hands. Utilising social media is at the core of Sunrise Cambodia’s communication strategy and we think it will work just as well for you. It’s a great way to build momentum for your event, increase attendance, raise funds towards your goal and raise awareness of Sunrise Cambodia. You might be surprised who lurks out of the dark corners of your friends list and donates. So spread the word!

When creating your own content, make sure it is consistent with Sunrise Cambodia’s values. Please don’t create Facebook event pages or fundraising pages that use the Sunrise Cambodia name in the title. Instead, talk about how the funds raised from your event will go to Sunrise Cambodia. And, follow the Sunrise Cambodia social media pages and share our content – we are @sunrisecambodia everywhere! We can even give you a plug on our website or Facebook page if your event is a public one, so send us some snazzy photos.

Local papers love local heroes, but if you choose to write a press release do not broadcast it without prior approval from Sunrise Cambodia. This way we can ensure that the story of Sunrise Cambodia is being accurately represented and that you are making the most of your exposure. It should be written in the third person, be specific to your story and fundraising efforts and targeted to appropriate publications.

We recommend that you also state how much of the raised funds will be donated to Sunrise Cambodia as part of your fundraiser.  For example, “all funds will be donated” or “all proceeds will be donated”. If your event is supporting multiple charities also make it clear what percentage of funds raised go to each charity. It’s always easier to have one charity that you are fundraising for though and we would love it to be Sunrise!


You’ve put the fundraiser together and now you get to see the pay-off! It’s your responsibility to collect and manage all the funds that are raised at your event and give us accurate financial records.

If you have any concerns with collecting cash donations, your supporters can donate via:

  • The Sunrise Cambodia website (you could have a laptop set up for this on the day/night)
  • Your own personalised online fundraising page on Everyday Hero (it’s the easiest way for people to donate to your specific fundraiser and also receive tax deductible receipts)
  • A cheque made out to The Australia Cambodia Foundation.

If you do receive cash donations, converting it to a bank cheque or money order made out to The Australia Cambodia Foundation is the best idea. Do not bank any donations into your own account as this is prohibited by fundraising laws in a number of states, and forward any donations containing credit card details to Sunrise Cambodia as soon as possible for privacy reasons.

We do not provide collection tins (but it is something we are looking into for the future). 


Donations $2 and above are tax deductible in Australia. Sunrise Cambodia is an approved project of The Australia Cambodia Foundation (ACF), a DGR charity approved by the Australian Tax Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We do not provide receipt books for fundraisers to receipt on our behalf.

Donors receive tax deductible receipts automatically when donating through our website or on your Everyday Hero page (there is also an option for offline donations here too so they can be added to your goal).

If a donor is contributing to you fundraiser via cash or cheque, please forward their donation to us along with their personal details (name, phone number and email or mailing address). This is a requirement of receipting. Ask us for our donation tracking form to make it easier.

Please note that donations are only tax deductible if they are true gifts; they must be a voluntary transfer of money or property where the donor receives no material benefit or advantage.


Please send all raised funds to Sunrise as soon as possible after your event. Cheques, bank cheques and money orders can be posted to PO BOX 2266 Clovelly NSW 2031. Or get in contact for our bank details if you would prefer to do an electronic transfer.


We’d love to hear all about your event and would welcome any photos that we could use in future publications and online. Don’t be shy. And tag us if you upload any photos to social media so we can have a looky-loo!


Sunrise Cambodia reserves the right to update or modify these Fundraising Guidelines at any time without prior notice. For this reason, we recommend that you review the guidelines on our website or ask for a new copy each time you are fundraising for us.


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