Kicking goals at Kampong Speu

Kicking goals at Kampong Speu

Sunrise Kampong Speu shines a light on  the changing roles that NGOs need to play in helping develop Cambodia to give the Khmer people the bright future they deserve. Based 30 kilometres outside of the biggest urban centre of the province, the centre is making great strides in community development and education.

Kampong Speu, the future of sunrise

Life for the girls in school at Sunrise Kampong Speu has improved so much because of these two rockin’ feminists. So much that there are about 100 more girls than boys at school now – the opposite of most Cambodian schools.

When coach Mey Socheat and Provincial Operations Manager Hem Tola discovered that many girls wouldn’t attend for days at a time every month, leaving them behind in training and class, they wanted to know why.

It was the bathroom. There was only one toilet block. The girls didn’t feel comfortable using it, especially as they got older. But Socheat needed them to be at soccer training to become the best of the best and Tola needed them to stay in class to get the education they deserve.

So, they built a whole new bathroom block with private toilets and showers. Now the girls come to class every day and can stay late to get in their soccer training. They’re scoring goals in the classroom, representing their country on the field and blazing a path for youngsters to follow in their footsteps. Go Girls!

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