Lifesaving clean water systems are go!

Lifesaving clean water systems are go!

$50,000 is all it takes to dramatically change the lives of 1,200 people who now have access to endless clean water!

Construction of a new water filtration system for the floating village of Mechrey is well under way and is expected to be pumping out clean water by the end of September thanks to generous donors from Australia. These villagers may live on a fresh water lake,  but they have never had access to clean drinking water and for this reason, more than 600 people are acutely ill.

water systems in cambodiaA fifth of the deaths of children under five are due to waterborne diseases.

What is particularly sad about this village is that tourists pay to cruise through for a look-see at the famous floating village, with none of that money going to supporting community development.

Sunrise stepped in this year by consulting the chief to find out what was needed most. The brand new water system will give a never- ending supply of filtered water to the people of Mechrey and they can kiss goodbye the gastro illnesses that had kept so many of them ill for so long. Villagers can now focus on earning a living catching fish rather than a full day trek to buy water in Siem Reap.

Sunrise Cambodia has another community just like this one in desperate need of clean water. 

It’s regular giving that means we can plan for life changing work that will help some of the poorest people in the world. Please consider making a regular donation to Sunrise Cambodia so that your gifts can make fresh clean water a reality.

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