Message from Geraldine Cox

The period from April to June had me speaking at events in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Cairns to valued sponsors like Macquarie Foundation, Count foundation, ANZ and Juniper.

Another visit to the hospital for a check-up in Bangkok and a week’s holiday in Beijing.

For my 68th birthday I threw a party for the children at Sunrise Kandal with a local band, hip hop dancing, cakes and fried chicken until very late. Even our dogs, Snookie and Sunny were honoured guests.

John George made a visit with Richard Fennell, who is to be our new Treasurer and we took the opportunity to show him all the Sunrise projects and it was a good chance for us to get to know each other. The highlight for the children was an invitation to perform Khmer traditional music and dance at the Cambodiana Hotel for the Phnom Penh Post English newspaper clients and they were a smash hit.

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