Message from Geraldine Cox

In early May I packed my bags again for Singapore to present to the members of the Women’s International Tennis Group who have been sponsoring our tennis program now for many years.

I hope to take one of our star tennis players to thank them personally on my next trip in 2016.

After a 70th Birthday party in Phnom Penh with friends and another one with the kids dancing on the lawn at Sunrise with hot dogs, cake and loud music, I travelled on to Adelaide and Sydney where I enjoyed two more parties to celebrate my birthday and by the end of them, I was feeling well and truly my age!  It was wonderful to spend time with so many friends and loved ones.

While I was in Sydney I appeared on Channel Seven’s Daily Edition Show where I had the opportunity to explain our new community development program.

A warm thanks to viewers who responded and signed up to become sponsors after seeing the show.

If you missed it, there is a link to the segment on our Facebook page –

I was an honoured guest at Our Big Kitchen in Sydney where funds were raised with help from Sui Liu and I accepted a precious gift of a Mezuzah, (a Jewish gift of good luck and protection) from Rabbi Dovid and Laya Slavin.

It was then on to Adelaide where I took the opportunity to talk to a small group of South Australian sponsors about our developments over a casual morning tea in the Adelaide office.

I hope to be able to do this in each state on my next Australian tour.

On the way home I had my annual health check in Bangkok and left feeling confident for the next 12 months.

I was excited to get back to Sunrise to meet a new little 4-year-old disabled girl called SreyMei who has been referred into our care.

Srey Mei was born with a disability that has impacted her ability to walk. We’re keen to see what we can do to help her walk.

As always I am indebted to all our sponsors, old and new, who are the backbone of Sunrise and without whom we would simply not exist.

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