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Geraldine Cox AM announced as contestant on the Channel 7 hit TV show Dancing with the Stars

Geraldine Cox AM, President and Director of Sunrise Cambodia has been named one of the star contestants on the Logie award-winning entertainment show, Dancing with the Stars on Channel 7.

Announcing the decision early this morning, Channel 7 spokesperson said the show was looking forward to working with such an enigmatic character and were hoping to use this opportunity to bring a wider range of personalities to the show.

“Geraldine is a character who is absolutely larger than life and we can’t wait to see this translate to the ball room and our screens.” a Channel 7 spokesperson said.

Geraldine Cox will be taking time out of her day job as the president and director of Cambodian-based charity Sunrise Cambodia to participate in the televised competition, but hopes that the awareness it will raise for her cause will make the time off well worth it.

“If this show brings a spotlight onto the stage that is the plight of the Cambodian children and communities I work with every day then it will be worth every drop of sweat”, said Ms Cox.

Ms Cox’s dance partner in the program is Brendan Midson. Returning to the show after appearing in season 11 as partner to Channel 7 newsreader Samantha Armytage, Mr Midson is excited to be a part of the new season in 2016.

He says his techniques may have to be different, but the spirit of the dance will remain as strong as ever.

“I might have to switch up my moves for a slighter more mature lady, but I’m sure we’ll still be able to sweat it up on the dance floor and get some high scores”, said Mr Midson.

About Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Australia is part of BBC Worldwide’s international Dancing with the Stars franchise. The Australian version launched in 2004 and has since enjoyed ratings success, peaking at 2 million viewers a week. Season 16 begins on 11 July 2016.

About Sunrise Cambodia

Sunrise Cambodia is a world-class charity working on the ground in Cambodia to give much-needed help to at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in some of the most poverty-stricken provinces of the country.