In countries like Australia, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are to have basics for our families and communities. Basic things like clean water, bridges, roads, your local GP and state-funded schools.

It is much better to offer sustainable development in communities like those we serve in Cambodia, than to offer welfare or handouts. Install a water pump and the village has life-sustaining H2O. Fix the bridge and people can get to work. Send in a free mobile hospital clinic and the young, old and in between can receive the healthcare they need to survive and thrive. All of this is done in full consultation with these communities and their leaders.

Almost half the population of Cambodia does not have access to clean water. Housing is in desperate need also. Small timber shacks on stilts are home to multi-generational families with no sanitation or the basic comforts of home.

With your generous help, Sunrise Cambodia gives local village communities in rural Cambodia the basic infrastructure that families need to get by and stay together. That includes water pumps, bridges, roadways, education and medical centres. Add to that training for the locals to maintain these improvements and keep every aspect sustainable.

When we support families and communities, there are less children at risk and much less need for residential care of vulnerable kids. This matches the expectations of the United Nations.

  • A $30 gift to Sunrise Cambodia pays for handmade woven sleeping mats for one family
  • Make a donation of $100 and you have covered the cost of a bike for a child who lives more than 5km from school
  • Donate $200 and you will fund a village water pump which will give 150 people a never-ending supply of fresh, clean water
  • Please give $1000 and you will be the proud funderĀ of enough rice to feed 80 people for a whole month
  • $2500 builds a brand new, insulated home in rural Cambodia for a poor family
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