Sabouen & Saroeun

Sabouen & Saroeun

In 1993 after the Khmer Rouge regime and Vietnamese occupation, all Cambodian refugees were repatriated from refugee camps in Thailand. As these children were already orphaned they were abandoned again in horrendous conditions soon after crossing the border to Cambodia.

This is where Geraldine met and fell in love with her first group of orphans and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sabouen and Saroeun

The handsome brothers you see in this photo, Sabouen and Saroeun, were two of these children. Both in their thirties now and with families of their own, they came to Sunrise to celebrate Mum Geraldine’s 70th birthday party with the rest of their old family in June 2015.

What’s wonderful is today they are doing their part to help support other Cambodian children who are in a similar situation. They both work in high-level Management positions for some of Cambodia’s most reputable Non-Government Organisations, touching the lives of hundreds of children.

Please excuse the cake on Geraldine’s face. The celebrations got a little bit out of hand, and there was no cake left to eat on the night!

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