Sak Bunheang

Sak Bunheang

Sak Bunheang – pictured to the left with Sunrise Case Worker Phalla Suon – is a beautiful example of everything you can achieve if you work hard, remain focused and surround yourself with a network of supportive and loving people.

After arriving at Sunrise, Sak Bunheang quickly settled in to his new home and studied hard through high school.


Sak Buncheang

Sak Bunheang’s dedication to his studies paid off. Not only did he pass all his final exams, but he was also offered a scholarship by the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to study a Bachelor of Private Law at the University of South East Asia.

After four years at university, Sak Bunheang recently graduated and secured himself a well-paying job that has allowed him to move in to his own home and live independently.

Sunrise is proud of all that Sak Bunheang has achieved. Even though he is now living in the community as a young adult, he has maintained a strong relationship with his family at Sunrise, as well as his extended biological family.

“Sunrise is my second place of spirit, especially Mum Geraldine,” Sak Bunheang said.

“She is in my heart forever, I love her so much. She does everything for me and the children who live in Sunrise.”

While Sak Bunheang is not sure exactly how his future career path will unfold, he said in time he would like to work for a Non-Government Organisation or maybe return to study to become a teacher and work towards founding his own International School.

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