Hi, my name is Sin Long

That’s me below, about a year after I came to Sunrise. I’m in the middle of the front row. And this is me now in my chef’s uniform. How did that boy become this man? Education, training and the generosity of ordinary people like you.

Sin Long in the middle

My parents sold me on the black market when I was a toddler. I don’t know where I am from in Cambodia or who my parents are. I used to be sad about this when I was little but I’m no longer sad. I have a future to look forward to, thanks to the life I had at Sunrise Cambodia.

After I left school, a generous sponsor paid for me to train as a chef. That training completely changed my life. I love to cook and now I have a skill that will earn me a good living and provide for my family. I love telling people that I came from nothing and now I am something.

I am writing to you to ask for help for my brothers and sisters in Cambodia. Sunrise Cambodia has fallen $150,000 short to educate 1000 young people like me in vocational courses which will set them up for a secure future. 

Please make a donation this week. A gift of $500 will pay for a whole year’s training. Every little bit counts, so whatever you can afford will make a difference. If you have made a donation to the education appeal already, thank you for your kindness.

Thank you for reading my letter. With humble gratitude for your generosity,

Sin Long

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YOU are the change maker. Please,make a tax deductible donation before 30 June and help rebuild the brains trust in Cambodia. 

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