Sohk Sabaay!

Sohk Sabaay!

The Australian crew  packed their laptops and took to the skies to meet the operations team in Cambodia. Hard work, big dreams and karaoke sessions ensued.

meet Laos, Pol Pot survivorThe first meeting between the new Australian fundraising team and the Cambodian operations team took place last month. It was big. It was exciting. It was even more amazing than we’d hoped it would be.

For the Aussie fundraising team, meeting the people who put the funds we raise to work on the ground and seeing the impact on the kids, families and whole communities in Cambodia was always going to be inspiring. But the thoughts, ideas and work that came out of the time spent together was out of this world. We brainstormed world-changing projects, implemented Xero for transparent accounting, met countless people whose lives have been transformed by Sunrise and bonded over a couple of epic karaoke sessions. The future of Sunrise is bright with these two teams working together. #dreamteam


meeting the cambodian team

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