Srey Cheang & Sea Chenda

Srey Cheang & Sea Chenda

Until last year, six-year-old Srey Cheang and her 9-year-old sister Sea Chenda had never been to school.

Srey Cheang was born with club feet. As a toddler, the severe disability saw Srey Cheang’s feet arch downwards in opposite directions as she grew.

Srey Cheange and mum
Srey Cheange and Mum

Srey Cheang’s father is unknown to the family. Her mother, along with her older brother and sister, earn around $3 a day working in construction. Unfortunately, Srey Chenag’s family could not afford the medical care and rehabilitation to correct her club feet.

Not only did Srey Cheang not learn to walk, her sister Sea Chandra was forced to drop out of school to care for her while her family worked.

When Sunrise learned of Srey Cheang’s condition, our Case Workers organized treatment for her immediately with the hope of enrolling her in to school for the 2015-16 school year if she could learn to walk in time.

Sunrise also provided Srey Cheang’s mother with money to purchase food and cover the costs of transport and the family’s day-to-day living expenses while she helped Srey Cheang with her rehabilitation. After many months of treatment, Srey Cheang is now walking independently. She and her sister have enrolled in school and are enjoying attending classes and making new friends.

It costs $15 to buy a school uniform for a child like Srey Cheang and allow her to attend school with pride.

If you want to help more kids like Srey Cheang, donate here.

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