This year in numbers: Sunrise Cambodia

This year in numbers: Sunrise Cambodia

It’s been a huge year for Sunrise Cambodia and all of our donors, supporters, and partners. We couldn’t have done it without you. It’s time to learn exactly what your donations have done this year.

It’s hard to put a value on what your support means in the lives of the kids, families and communities of Sunrise Cambodia. It’s not just giving one child a school book, or even building one family a house. Your support – monetary and otherwise – gives us the strength, power and ability to have a widespread positive effect across Cambodia. To say thank you, we’ve put together the numbers on what your support has done this year.

129 children fed, cared for and loved

Thanks to your generosity, 129 children had a home to call their own this year. In Kandal and Siem reap, these kids were cared for, fed, clothed and loved every single day. On behalf of the team, Geraldine and these beautiful kids- thank you. Every single one of you. You’ve done an amazing thing.

2016 in Numbers

57 families reunited

Our incredible social workers reunited 57 kids with their families or relatives this year. This is a mammoth task. Some of these children have had parents who have been missing for years. Some had living relatives who were unable to care for them due to extreme poverty. Our community development and family support programs now allow Sunrise to support these children while they grow up in a family home. It means that your support now benefits an entire community.

Sunrise social workers spend months on every reintegration with the family and child. If, after thorough assessment, the child is happy and the social worker is sure that they will be living in a safe and health environment, the child can move back home for good. Social workers visit every few months to ensure that children are living in a safe and caring environment and their education is on track. These kids are still part of the Sunrise community – and the doors are always open for them if they wish to visit for reunions, special events, or just because.

1,400 kids had their heads filled with learning

This year, 1,400 kids received a free education thanks to you. Sunrise Learning Centers had over one thousand kids walk through their doors to learn in 2016. Children from the wider community make up a huge part of that number. These kids wouldn’t have made it to school otherwise. The school is too far away, the teachers don’t turn up, or parents can’t afford school materials and fees. Now, they are there and they are learning because of you. Give yourself a high five!

One incredible organisation joined the ranks

It’s a low number but it means a lot to us. One: that’s the number of incredible organisations we’ve taken on this year. New Hope are a grassroots organisation that has been working in the Mondul Bai community for a decade. The New Hope team has changed hundreds of lives. We were chuffed to be asked to assume responsibility for such a wonderful facility, now known as Sunrise New Hope. To the founder, Soth Kemsour, and all the staff, dedicated volunteers and stalwart supporters of Sunrise New Hope – welcome to the Sunrise family. We are so lucky to have you here.

2016 in numbers: sunrise cambodia

1,138 kids with new school equipment and uniforms

That’s a whole lot of school kids that turned up to school with new shoes, a full uniform and all the books they needed because of your generous donations in 2016. It’s all about levelling the playing field for the poorest kids in Cambodia. New school supplies are just the start!

Two great projects

Two great big projects were started at Sunrise this year. Mamma’s Day Care and Learning Center teaches 88 preschool kids every day. Another 12 toddlers come in to day care so their parents can go to work. The Sunrise Boxing Training Center is almost ready to open it’s doors. In 2017, 20 teenagers will start their training there. They will grow in strength, independence and pride. Who knows, maybe the next boxing champion will come from Sunrise?

46 teens grew into independent young adults

Almost all the teenagers living in Sunrise Youth Homes now have jobs and live independently within their community able to support themselves. Sunrise continues to support their education and our Youth Program workers are closely in touch with their progress as they transition into the “real world”.

Mday Thom Cafe and Training Center are training up ex Sunrise kids and other teenagers who need a leg up in life. They will leave as chefs, cooks and hospitality professionals. Dozens of Sunrise teens have begun traineeships, apprenticeships and degrees this year, taking their first step to a big life and a bright future.

this year in numbers: kandika

HUNDREDS of kids and parents attended hygiene and health training days

Hundreds of kids and parents in Kandal and Kampong Speu have attended  training days with Sunrise social workers this year. They’ve been taught about hygiene and health, education, reproductive health and body rules, dental care and first aid training. Valuable life training gives families a whole new outlook on life. It makes family life, work life, and life overall, easier.

1,500 villagers with clean, safe water

this year in numbers

The people of the floating village of Mechrey used to drink the water they lived on. It made them sick. It killed some of them. Now, thanks to your donations, we built a water filtration system. It gives everyone clean, safe drinking water, every day. The people from the village come in their boats, bottle their water and take it to work, school, or home to the kitchen. They stay healthy, they stay safe. It’s amazing what your donations have done here.

125 mouths got the royal treatment

Kids, staff and families had free dental checkups and treatment in May this year thanks to 30 volunteer dentists from Techo Youth Doctor Association. 11 fillings, 3 teeth treatments, 85 tooth cleanings. That’s a whole lot of time and effort for these precious little teeth.

539 school kids with health and hygiene training

Your donations funded two days of training with health professionals. Hand washing, hygiene, personal health. Now, Sunrise kids and teens can go out into the world and live happy, healthy lives.

Three young adults have gone forth and conquered

Three young men have achieved beyond all of our wildest dreams this year, proving that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s the work you put in to get where you want to go that matters. Two of our star university students have received full scholarships to study in Agriculture in Israel and Architecture in China. An outstanding young man who is one of our student mentors was chosen out of 100 applicants to represent Cambodia in Bangkok for the United Nations Environmental Summit. We couldn’t be more proud!

LOADS of lives changed through community development

You want the numbers? 18 houses. 6 water pump wells. 1 school playground. 7 toilets (so far…). 2 workshops -on dental healthcare for kids and domestic violence. 148 bikes for school children who live too far away to walk. That’s 1,700 kids overall who’s lives are better because of community development. You have made this happen this year. Sunrise supporters have got behind our plans to have a wider reach, a bigger impact. We can’t thank you enough for this.

This year, YOU made our Sun Rise. Orkun.



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