Top 8 Fundraising Ideas this Autumn

Top 8 Fundraising Ideas this Autumn

Fundraising ideas are aplenty, but nailing down those good ones that are fun, easy and a sure-fire way to raise a lot of money for Sunrise projects are a lot harder to come by. Shirley Cachia has listed 8 of our best fundraising ideas below based on past successes, fun ideas and a little bit of Googling.

Ahhh Autumn, the perfect season for crunchy leaves, crisp mornings and 5 star fundraising ideas. We’ve been inundated with requests from our wonderful supporters to share some inspirational ideas for adults AND kids to put the FUN into fundraising and raise some much-needed dosh for Sunrise projects. So, without further ado we give to you: Our top 10 fundraising ideas for autumn. Ready….steady….get FUNdraising!

1. A ‘pop up’ trash and treasure stall

This one is great for kids and adults alike. If you’ve got stacks of toys, a garage full of kitchen gear or a box of old but gold records, shoes and clothing, why not follow the trend and hold a ‘pop up’ stall at your local market, school fete or just out of your own garage? School friends Milly and Lilli did this and raised a whopping $440 for Sunrise – enough to install a water pump into a village and give a whole community free water!

2. Get fit, fab ‘n’ fundraise

top ten fundraising ideas - running clubThis one is for the adults who are looking for a creative workplace fundraising idea. Now that the temperatures are dropping it’s a great time to get out for a walk or run at lunch. How about starting a run club with your workmates during lunch or after work? Ask participants to make a gold coin donation each session and support each other on your way to fitness. Nothing beats peer support to make sure you hit the pavement regularly, and the money you raise can go towards the Sunrise sports program so the kids can have fun too!

3. Go Mufti for Mum

There’s no easier way to fundraise than a good ol’ mufti day. Organise with your local school to go sans uniform for the day – if you’re at the office make is a casual Friday for Sunrise – and ask everyone to make a gold coin donation to support kids in school in Cambodia. Or join us and #BeBoldForChange on March 8 for International Women’s Day – wear bold orange to work or school and ask people to donate for action for women and girls in Cambodia.

4. Have some fun(draising) in the work place

Who said work can’t be fun? If you own your own business and have a bit of flexibility, sell your service for Sunrise. Allan Campion of Melbourne Food Experience is holding a food tour in April to raise desperately needed funds for Sunrise projects. Participants will scour the streets and alleys of Melbourne for the tastiest of the city’s delights – all in the name of a good cause. If you’re a Melbourne foodie, get your tickets here now. If you run a business and can sell a day of service for Sunrise, email us at to get the ball rolling!

top ten ways to fundraise - melbourne food tour
Find ALL the secret food spots in Melbourne and support Sunrise Cambodia at the same time with Melbourne Food Exoerience.

5. Foodie Fundraisers

Keeping with the food theme – is there anything better than a bake sale or a tea party to rake in funds while titillating your tastebuds? This works anywhere from your house, workplace, school or even a neighbourhood street party. Ask your friends, family and neighbours to bring along cakes, biscuits, drinks and charge people a gold coin donation per item or even per plate.

6. Odd jobs add up

Put some posters up in your street and score an odd job or two off your neighbours. If two of your neighbours paid you $5 per walk to walk their dog, you could feed a child with no home. Every week. That’s a pretty good reason to get to know your neighbours! There’s plenty of ideas out there – clean a car for the price of a pair of shoes for a school child… clean 20 and you and your neighbours will pay to get a toddler off the dump and into pre-school for a year!

7. Sing your heart out

Love to sing your fave Katie Perry song for your family? Bust a few moves to the latest Pink track while walking to the pool? Who doesn’t?! Speak to your school principal and get some friends together and put on a fun talent show at school! Charge competitors a fee to enter and the audience an entry fee and you’ve got a fun afternoon. Get enough people together and you could pay for a music teacher at Sunrise for a whole month!

8. Get moving for Sunrise

What’s that Usain? You run like lightning? If you’re a fitness fanatic and enjoy clocking up kilometres in your spare time get some sponsors behind you and you’re in! Friends and family will love supporting you on your challenge and there’s always a marathon, triathalon or some kind of crazy challenge with a fundraising component going on in a city near you. Here’s a few to get you started: The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon; Run Melbourne.

There’s a million other great fundraising ideas, but whatever great plan you come up with to raise funds for Sunrise, we’ll love you for it! If you’ve got a cracker and you need some help with posters, brochures or just have any questions, email us on and we’ll be happy to help!

See what our past fundraisers have done here.

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