Building change from the ground up: a community first approach

Building change from the ground up: a community first approach

changeWorking with local groups and leaders to determine the needs of communities and how Sunrise can assist in meeting them is the only way to have a sustainable, positive impact on the people of Cambodia.

The Sunrise community development team has been busy in the new year working with local leaders on big plans for the future. In Siem Reap, the Sunrise team approach the communities they work with, with two questions:

1. What do you need to survive?

2. How can we help you thrive?

Urgent needs come first. If the community development team hear that there are families sleeping on the streets, parents who have no rice for their kids or children with serious illnesses, they step in to assist. A new, safe home. Emergency food support. Medical attention where it’s needed. From here, it’s building the foundations for the community to thrive so that this emergency assistance is never needed again. In one village outside of Siem Reap, their biggest issues were high unemployment and low nutrition resulting from community members only being able to afford the basic staples of subsistance. The Sunrise community development team helped them plan and start a community farm. Locals harvest the vegetables to add to their meals for better nutrition and excess veggies and spices are sold at roadside stalls for money for any extras. It solves both issues in one creative approach.

Community development work is the cornerstone of building long term sustainable communities. We need your help to continue this crucial work. Please make a donation on our at this link here, or by mail to PO Box 2266, Clovelly, NSW, 2031. Orkun.

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