Christmas Appeal 2018

Give the Gift of Education

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn – and your gift can change a child’s future.

Make this season of giving one to remember; where giving is also about making a difference. Now is a great time to be generous towards those less fortunate than ourselves, and to give a child a chance in life with the gift of a great start to education.

Sunrise's Key Initiatives

One of Sunrise’s key initiatives is to address the need for early education in Cambodia, where 77% of children aged between three and four don’t have access to an early education programme. This means that the majority of underprivileged children in Cambodia are missing out on a crucial stage of their education.

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Chanvatey's Story

Chanvatey* is one of five children whose circumstances have been turned around thanks to your generosity. He first came to Sunrise’s care at the age of four, after a social worker came to know of his family’s financial difficulties. Chanvatey’s parents could barely make ends meet to support their family of seven, living in a small rented house.

Chanvatey was very timid and shy. When he first started school, Chanvatey preferred to play alone and didn’t know how to make friends. Although the Sunrise children were very welcoming, he continued to keep to himself. Day by day with the help of the teachers, he became more comfortable in his new environment, and made new friends. Chanvatey was soon thriving at school and loved to learn.

*Name has been changed.

Make It Possible

Chanvatey is now 8 years old and is currently enrolled in Grade 2. He attends afternoon English classes at the Sunrise Learning Centre, Kandal. He has wide range of interests, including painting, writing and reading. Chanvatey’s parents can now focus on work and providing the basic necessities for their family.

Our wish for this festive season is to make this possible for more children and their families.

The Power of Education

According to the World Health Organization, high quality early childhood care and education programmes “can improve children’s chances for success in later life.” This is the period in which a child’s brain develops most rapidly. Investing in early childhood education is a necessary step to take advantage of this crucial period of a child’s development. This is so important for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and their families. Providing the early education programmes that they need can increase the potential for these communities.

Your support will help so many children achieve their goals. By clicking on the donate button on the left and making a contribution before 26 December 2018, you are giving a child a chance in life with the gift of education.