We are always on the hunt for supporters in Australia who are keen to host events or take on mad personal challenges to raise much-needed funds for the kids and families of Sunrise Cambodia. We love it when community groups, schools and businesses partner with us too. Girl Guide units, church groups, book clubs and business networks – all willing to raise funds for the poorest of the poor in Cambodia – are our life blood!

If it is not fun and rewarding, then you’re not doing it right. The crew at Sunrise Cambodia will support you to make the most of your event or challenge and to enjoy the process.

To get the ball rolling, there are three quick steps:

  1. Choose your event or fundraiser – Make a plan on how you are going to raise funds for the cause. It could be a personal challenge, participating in an event or requesting donations instead of gifts for your birthday. We recommend that you choose one charity rather than split your donation across multiple charities. And we’d like it to be Sunrise Cambodia!
  2. Talk to us – Fill out the form below to have a chat with the Sunrise crew about your plans.  We can give you some tips of the trade and send you a fundraising pack with brochures and other resources to make your event a success! We have also put together some Fundraising Guidelines that will answer most questions you may have about fundraising for Sunrise Cambodia. Our Fundraising Kit is also a useful tool to help maximise your fundraising potential!
  3. Get to it and have fun! – Once you’re ready, fill out a Fundraising Application Form. We highly recommend that you set up an online fundraising page to make it easy for your family, friends and colleagues to make a donation towards your event or challenge. One of our favourite platforms is Everyday Hero. Each secure donation made through Everyday Hero is recorded on your fundraising page along with messages of support from donors. Make the most of it by updating your page throughout your campaign and sharing it to your social media accounts or email the unique URL to your network. Don’t forget to be interactive with people donating to your fundraiser, share photos, updates and thank them for their donation.

Fundraising only happens because there are people who understand how vital our work is and how much more needs to be done. Thank you for being one of those people!

Contact Sunrise about fundraising

  • Please give us as much detail as possible including proposed dates.