Message from Kevin Tutt

I am very pleased to take up the position of Chair of the Australia Cambodia Foundation and pay tribute to the work of my predecessors, David Perkins and John George.

We welcome new members of the Board, Judy Myers and Rob Brown, who bring a breadth and depth of relevant experience and share a passion for the work of Geraldine Cox.

Continuing members of the Board include David Perkins, Peter Davies, Peter Winkler and Geraldine – they have given enormous service to the board over many years and it is good to still have them on board!

Recently, on 14 March the ACF Board held its first ever meeting in Cambodia.

We were pleased to join with the management team for a Planning Day on Sunday 15 March where we took the opportunity to review 21 years of successful care for children and communities in need, and also to think about the next 21 years for Sunrise.

The future is promising and includes a consolidation of our existing programs and the development of new ideas to better serve the needs of Cambodian children and their families. I look forward to sharing this with you in the next newsletter.

Sunrise is indebted to its many supporters – individuals, groups and corporations – who contribute to our fundraising.

Thank you sincerely for your financial support – we can be incredibly proud of what Geraldine, the Board and her staff have achieved since establishing in 1993.

On the 27 May we will open the new Macquarie Group Learning Centre, an exceptional space for teaching and learning, which will support a new approach to education for Sunrise kids and children from the local community.

As Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And he is so right.

Thank you again for your commitment to Sunrise.

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