We knead dough to rise at Mday Thom training centre

We knead dough to rise at Mday Thom training centre

We knead your help to roll the Sunrise training centre into shape and watch it rise!

The first intake of Mday Thom hospitality trainees are getting set to graduate in April. Four of the graduated teens have secured jobs with reputable restaurants and catering organisations around the country with the other 12 trainees continuing rounds of interviews as we speak. But there’s one thing missing before this batch of future cooks are baked to perfection: a top-knotch bakery oven. Baking is a required skill for many hospitality jobs in Cambodia, especially in some of the top-end kitchens. It’s so important for cooks to get that breakfast baguette parfait and the croissants délicieux but it’s a skill that Mday Thom graduates are missing because they don’t have the right equipment. The bakery section of the traineeship was cancelled for the current intake due to insufficient funds and these teens missed out.

“Well-rounded hospitality training is a golden ticket out of poverty for at-risk teens. It gives them skills, independence and a big, bright plan for the future.”

It will cost $8,000 to buy a quality bakery oven for Mday Thom social enterprise and training centre and restart the bakery course to give graduates the skills they need to ace it in the ‘real world’. 

Please contact us at Sunrise HQ on hq@sunrisecambodia.org.au if you can come to our rescue and provide the dough for the oven. 

the sunrise team

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