Child sponsorship

Sponsor a child and change a life

The Sunrise Cambodia sponsorship program is a way for you to have a profound effect on the future of Cambodia. Not only will you give life-changing education to some of the poorest kids in the world, you will also directly transform whole families and communities.

Classroom sponsorship • $50 a month

Provide life-changing, ongoing education to one child. From transportation to school, uniforms, school materials, counselling, tutoring, and Sunrise’s extra-curricular activities… you’ll cover everything a kid needs to learn and prosper.

Student and community sponsor • your nominated amount

The more you give the bigger your impact on your students’ community through healthcare, clean water community development programs.

The minimum for child sponsorship is $50 / month. If you wish to give a smaller monthly amount, please consider becoming a regular monthly donor through our main donation page.

How does this work then?

When you become a student sponsor you will receive a vibrant yearly progress report and photograph of the student. Sponsors are welcome to visit our projects and meet the students, as long as they can provide a current police check and apply through our visitors page.

While we will do our best to accommodate requests for specific genders or age brackets, we do prefer to allocate the next student in line for sponsorship. Sponsorship donations are allocated towards supporting all students in the program and benefit the entire community the student lives in.