Sunrise 3 for HIV +

Sunrise 3 for HIV +

Australian volunteer mentor and story gatherer, Liam Champagne, visited Sunrise 3 in Sihanoukville with an open mind, a pencil and a camera. This is what he saw.

Sunrise 3 is quite possibly one of the most heart-warming places I have had the honour of visiting. First granted the land by Prime Minister Hun Sen, it took over six years of ongoing negotiations, funding and hard work before Sunrise Cambodia could use this five hectares of land 20km outside Sihanoukville and put it to proper use to accommodate at-risk children who are HIV positive and have nowhere else to go.

Thanks to funding partner Computershare, Sunrise Cambodia has been able to turn this project into a community that gives HIV positive kids the healthy, happy childhood they deserve, as well as preparation for an independent future.

This place is truly remarkablSrey mom at Sunrise 3 for HIVe. Every one of the kids in care here, as well as the Khmer staff, are enormously proud to be involved in something that is having such a positive impact.

Sunrise 3 is an holistic full-time residential care health and education unit which includes specialist healthcare, early childhood learning as well as primary and secondary schooling. The campus is well-equipped with living and dining areas, class rooms, IT rooms, sporting facilities, gardens and play equipment. There are four ‘family’ units, each housing children with a dedicated Family Mum.

Every child at Sunrise understands the amazing gift of opportunity they have been given. They will all use this second chance for the benefit of themselves, their newfound family, and by teaching others about what they have seen and learned. They will become some of the greatest assets that Cambodia will ever have.

The lives of many of the kids at Sunrise 3, including Srey Mom, have been turned around thanks to generous support from people like you. Sunrise Cambodia’s sponsorship program gives generous donors the chance to fund food, health care, sanitation and education to kids like Srey Mom. There are also many children in the surrounding communities who will thrive with sponsorship support. If you would like to be involved in breaking the cycle of poverty one child at a time contact us at or call 1300 894 591.

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